What's Included

Memberships and Skill Memberships

  • The Foundation

    10 and Under


    Per Month.

    Up to 2 workouts per week.

    Less than $12.00 Per Session

  • Next Level

    For the Athlete that wants to take their game to the next level


    Per Month.

    Up to 3 Workouts per week

    Less than $10.00 Per Session

  • Gym Rat

    For Athletes that like to get work every day


    Per Month.

    Up to 4 workouts per week.

    Less than $9.99 Per Session

  • VIP

    For those Athletes that want full access and all the perks


    30/30 Sessions

    Up to 30 workouts per month.

    Less than $6.67 Per Session

  • Day Pass

    Players that want to come and volume shoot and working on their ball handling skills.

  • Shooter Touch

    For the players that want to work on their shot and improve their overall game 90 mins on the shooting machine per week plus open gym.


    90 minutes of shooting per week and open gym.

Additional Programs

Some Additional Programs we offer
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Basketball Training

Team Training

Do you have a team or a club and would like them to be trained by the experts while you focus on your offense and defensive plays during practice time? At The Combine our team training programs allows local and traveling teams to work on all the technical aspects of the game such as ball handling, shooting,defensive and offensive footwork, passing, and rebounding are some of the elements of focus during these sessions. A complete assessment is issued to the client to determine the client's strengths and weaknesses. Traveling teams may purchase a weekend tournament pass. If you are interested in Team Training Contact Us Today!

Basketball Strength Training Las Vegas will train you to acquire the essential skills necessary to perform at the the highest level. Get yourself ready for the game by learning offensive and defensive training. Become a great shooter while using our cutting edge technology and training methods. The Combine Las Vegas basketball training and performance facility is one of the most advance in the world. Learn the best Basketball Skills Training Near Me, so you need not travel a great distance to get trained in the game you love.


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Gait Testing

Gait analysis uncovers precisely how your body is moving. Every activity, even standing still, represents a unique movement pattern. That pattern is bred from your habits and lifestyle, as well as your body's mobility, stability, flexibility and strength.


Basketball Training Program Las Vegas

Mentor ship / Motivation

We believe in building the total athlete and our approach consist of mentor ship, motivation, support, coaching, advice, direction, training, and help them achieve success. We will provide a number of resources to help achieve their personal goals.