state of the art

The Combine is the first “state of the art” technologically advanced basketball training center located in Las Vegas, NV. The visionary of this unique basketball training and results driven concept; started it due to the lack of facilities and training available to athletes of all ages and skill levels around the country.

At The Combine our technology and custom built platforms allow us to record the training data and measure every shot distance, location, arc, degree, rotation, shooting percentages from every spot on the floor. We also can measure dribble speed, dribble height and consistency to name a few!The data that is recorded on our platform can be shared and available on our cloud with twenty four hour access.

Train Like Never Before

Training + Technology

Our goal at the Combine is to offer each and every member/athlete an authentic experience that they have never experienced before when it comes to training and technology. We understand and respect that there are many trainers out there with personal relationships with their clients. At The Combine, we believe that we are able to offer our athletes a systematic approach and training plan that is unparalleled from the moment athletes step foot in our facility. Numbers don’t lie and the equipment and technology we use in conjunction with our training allows us to offer our athletes “a measure of accountability and proof of improvement.”

Train with Ease!

Our system allows our members to train with ease by scheduling their workouts via our online app or in the facility on one of our kiosks. Training sessions will be available daily or autonomously based on your skill leveland can be accomplished within 30 minutes to 1 hour with our streamlined technology and on court training skill work. All memberships include classes that will enhance your performance and development. Our goal is to build the complete athlete!

What We Train

Forwards & Bigs

Forwards & Bigs training has become a lost art until now. We provide superior training for athletes that play these important positions. We have specialized equipment that will ensure forwards and bigs proper skill development and next level training.

Shoot Doctor

Audio and visual analysis of shooters arc and distance with adaptive response technology to ensure proper shooting techniques are being used while providing objective feedback and shooting percentages.

Ball handling

Dynamic ball handling stations equipped with tracking technology and metrics to analyze dribble speed, height measurement, and crossover consistency to ensure players go to the next level. Graded results are provided after every training session.


We know vertical and we want you to reach your maximum potential. Our system will ensure that you get rapid results. Nothing like measuring performance with track able data to see your progress.


We will be providing on and off the court performance training and testing. Our trainers specialize in resistance, plyometric, core, and weight training to enhance athlete’s overall performance. Our agility training is the best in the country! We measure the athletes true “agility ability” to make a decision and react with a high level of accuracy.


Our cognition training is cutting edge. Today we build athletes bigger, stronger, and faster but we don’t teach the brain how to process data quickly, increase attention span, problem solving, and reactionary functions. Our technology and training systems are best suited to achieve optimal performance for the mind and body.

Gait testing

This type of testing is essential for all athletes to ensure that the body is functioning at optimal levels. This can’t be easily measured or diagnosed with the human eye and for this reason we use the best technology in the world to improve asymmetries.

Student -Athletes

The Combine takes “student athlete” development very seriously. We have a strong commitment to the student athletes we train to help assist them in reaching their goals and helping them become leaders on and off the court. Our mission is to provide resources via a collaborative approach to ensure that we are not only training the body we are also training the mind. Providing a student study hall is just one of the many steps that we can take in doing our part as we find better ways to train study habits and overall outlook of our student athletes.